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Distributorship Vs. Sales Rep:Determining the Relationship

Image: 500photos.com Often suppliers and resellers tend to enter a symbiotic relationship for the sale of products usually within a jurisdiction. The effect of this is that while the supplier tends to enjoy the latitude of exposure and reaching a wider customer base through appointed resellers for their products thereby increasing sales output, on the […]

Why Should You Organize Your Corporation?

It is so easy to set up a corporation: all you need to do is go online, file and there you have it, a brand-new legal person. While I do not totally disagree with this approach, what is usually discounted are the matters that need to be dealt with after the corporation must have been […]

The Effect of Minors holding Shares in a Corporation.

  Shareholders are the individuals or corporate bodies who have subscribed to the shares of a Corporation. A share is a portion of a larger amount to which people are subscribed. The CBCA prescribes the general condition that must be fulfilled before an individual may be appointed a director of a corporation including that the […]

Bankruptcy and my Business after Covid-19 Pandemic.

Image: Simon Hill   The Global Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in various ways in Canada including businesses and as we emerge from the imposed lockdown, one of the questions insolvent businesses may need to respond to is whether to file for bankruptcy. No doubt, the government has been supportive of the economy by providing […]